Deep Sleep in Deep Sea

I had a lot of interesting dreams during the summer; this one started out at a port worthy of Double Dealing Character’s Stage 2 theme. Some of the ships were pretty interesting, although I had to go through them to get through places as this port was adapted in a rather strange way to incoming and outgoing vessels. One of the ships I walked through was a cruising hotel boat I’d stayed on in a dream I had who knows how many years ago.I got stuck on one of them as it took off while I was walking across; it was quite fancy, actually; It contained swimming pools although I was wearing normal clothes so I couldn’t go swimming. There was a box at the end of the boat…I don’t remember what was in it, but it contained a puzzle. It at least kept me occupied until the boat returned. After that I may have returned to the city part of whatever town I was in or perhaps I got a boat to my next destination, I can’t be sure.

Next scenario was a pretty flashy university-type place with white walls and floors and everything…rather clinical. The windows saved it, though. I remember it being a mainly sports-type university as everyone was talking about doing some kind of sport and were being assigned different things according to their sport (I was familiar with some of the people, but not too many of them.) I didn’t remember having any sport, so I wondered if I’d be assigned swimming. Of course, I never found out as I got caught up in something I was never told about, and I was punished. Way to go, random person…it wasn’t much of a punishment, though – we were on a beach and there already people there, presumably having assignments to do with the beach – there were swimmers, but I doubt being…OH! Maybe we weren’t being punished! Maybe we were being assigned swimming! Actually, on third thoughts, if we were being assigned that they’d have sent us to an actual swimming pool, maybe it was basic geology or something if it wasn’t a punishment…sigh. (I remember having a distinct feeling of both excitement and nervousness, so I had been assigned some sport, but what was it…?)

There was a portal there – this being a dream and me actually having an adventurous side here, I went through it and was transported to a city I’m pretty sure was a modified version of my main city in Minecraft. It was much larger, although I’m not so sure about that as Steve?’s about a metre wide for some reason, so maybe I was seeing Minecraft proportions with human eyes. It was taller though; I couldn’t see what was below. Only a dark fog. What could have been down there? Water? Grass? I’ll never know because the memory cutoff point is somewhere around that point.


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