Photo taken by Alexander Kachkaev

Header photo by Alexander Kachkaev under Creative Commons 2.0.

In the summer, I had a dream that was a continuation of one I had nearly a year ago. I think I’ll start from zero.

I remember going to an event I was sure was an amalgamation of the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and Comic Market 84 one summer night. which was strange, seeing as Comiket only ever happens in Japan. It didn’t take place in the real world of course; it was all projections, but it felt real. The people and the environment may have been no more than shadows but the atmosphere was real and the memories were definitely real. The stalls were outside the stadium the Olympics took place in, although there were still people going in and out of the stadium. Fireworks coloured the stadium and its nearby river skyward with the entire spectrum, but it was clear that it hadn’t started as there weren’t that many fireworks compared to the coordinated show the actual ceremony would be. There were several stalls run by doujin bands, but nothing interesting…it was all J-core and pop Touhou arrange CDs. As per usual of any interesting event in the UK, there was someone going around with glowsticks and other assorted light-up products. They never last long, so I didn’t buy them – it wasn’t worth £3 for something I’d use for one night only, and nobody needed lights at an event like this. I did wander round curiously, trying to look for some doujin circles I liked, but it was no use. Comiket events always take place over massive distances, something I could never hope to cover, not with the time I had. Unlike both Comiket and London 2012, the crowd was quite pleasant; I had personal space here, which is something generally not recognised in London or Tokyo. Despite the space, the people definitely made themselves heard, wandering to their own destinations, talking to other illusory people, adding memories to the lives that would end in only hours. I remember checking out a J-core circle, staring at the sky and losing myself in my own surroundings, and that’s where my memory cuts off.

For the second part, I remember being in a different place so I must have left the outside of the stadium to get a snack and to meet up with someone. I did exactly that; they were somebody I knew in real life, but they did not come back with me and that was where I left reality behind. I was to face the travel nightmare ahead of me alone. And a travel nightmare it was. I finally arrived back at the stadium after spending half of the dream in darkness both real and imagined. This time, I ended up in the artists’ section of Comiket – they weren’t Day 3-type artists though. Despite that, I went looking for some artists I knew but to no success. There were countless pieces of art created only for my immersion but it didn’t wholly interest me regardless. I didn’t know many of the artists I saw anyway, so I continued walking and saw everything. It did take place at an English shop (well, part of it) because I remember shelves of the stuff you’d find at any Forbidden Planet instead of exclusive on-the-day only stuff. So, I made my way back to the stadium with a sense of urgency as it was nearing the time for the opening ceremony to begin. I got a seat between the middle and lower rows. They were more expensive tickets though, so I got a better seat (and I finally got a seat where a tall person didn’t sit in front of me!) and rested back. The stadium started to fill to maximum capacity, the fireworks started to intensify, the lights started to change patterns and that’s where part two cut off.

I hope I get part three. It should be good.


One thought on “Illumination

  1. Nearly three years on and I’m still hoping in vain for part 3…:(

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