Smoke and Mirrors (Staring Back)

Artwork by Sons of Nero

Header photo by Sons of Nero.

A few nights ago was a dream completely different to other dreams I’ve had. In all other dreams, all other people had been modelled as real people, but only in the dream world. This one probably has some of the strongest real-life ties of all my dreams outside of sleep paralysis.

It started out as something fairly mundane; the first thing I remember is talking to someone on the TVTropes Forum over the computer (for some reason, I had a fairly old desktop computer and an entirely different room…it seemed familiar.) I believe it was someone I’ve seen on the forums before, but I cannot for the life of me remember who they were.

The main detail about this was that I did not dream that I was talking to a person in dreamspace; instead, I dreamt this was a real person. As in, I was talking to a person who was also dreaming somewhere else in the world, with their own lives and dreams, and a home in the same physical space as mine. I was talking to another dreamer over an illusory version of a real website, and I knew it. Now, I’ve said my dreams don’t mean anything and it’s likely impossible for two dreaming people to communicate like that, so they were also an extension of me. I can’t help but be reminded of The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues in which Prospect 1 first sees Prospect 2.

We eventually planned to meet up in person in the dream, and we decided to go on an expedition for reasons beside me. But I eventually decided I would create my own world, and I started with painfully slow progress which continued at that pace until the end. They were nowhere to be seen during this segment, but I definitely saw them during the voyage. I built my own world only to have it undone at the very end.

(Note: I actually had this dream when most other people would be awake, so when I was lying in. I sound lazy, but I have trouble getting to sleep and I never lie in past midday anyway.)


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