Photo taken by James Armitage

Public domain header photo by James Armitage.

Last night’s dream was a scene of life followed by a scene of ruin. The details are hazy but I have faint memories of talking to people that don’t exist in the real world, or at least in my world; the first half was life as I mentioned. Not my life; I was actively walking around and talking to people in an unfamiliar-looking shopping centre…maybe it was another construct of the mind. Firstly, I was talking to a sharply-dressed man with a cup of coffee in his hand while looking for a place that had something I felt like eating while we slowly made our way around the place, talking about subjects…I don’t remember, like a lot of the details.

The second person I talked to was a girl who looked the same age as me, but again someone I didn’t recognise as anyone I knew in real life. I was much more familiar and comfortable with her than the man in the suit. I remember she also liked coffee. I think it was Starbucks coffee. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and sipped it occasionally. I did finally get a drink (but it was a can of Coke, it was £1.50 and they put it into a glass for god’s sake.) After that, it was a case of walking around and simply talking. At the end, she said something I don’t remember, but she said “farewell” (permanently, it appeared) and walked off.

She really appeared to regret it and it looked a lot like she wished she didn’t have to do it. I didn’t see her face for long because she turned her face pretty quickly before walking away, but she seemed like she was about to cry. That was the last I remember of “Life”. After that was desolation, like the world was half-finished. Part of the places I visited were in my hometown, so naturally I knew what my surroundings should have been like. Everything was in disorder…unfamiliar deities were living in the ruins of buildings I used to visit. The people walking through my town were not faces I recognise and one scene was a scene of such destruction I can’t even begin to describe it. There were holes in the floors of places I was sure were solid ground. I never learned what happened before I woke up.


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