Pocket Universe

Photo taken by Dave Souza

Header photo by Inverclyde Ramblers under Creative Commons 3.0.

A still interesting one from years ago involved going on an expedition. We were a larger group but we were all sent off in pairs to go on our own different routes. This sounds like some existing expedition schemes. It was on a much larger scale than that. I never knew where we were going, but I had a planned route anyway.

My partner didn’t seem to be doing too well mentally…I think his name was Chris. Somewhere in a coastal area, he climbed a fence ran off. He said a lot of things, but I didn’t catch much. I think he said he was getting his wife back. I don’t know what happened there or why they would still be married if he was saying things like that but I never saw him again so it didn’t matter. I did happen to meet two other people who also happened to be going on an expedition with only a passing greeting and a quick glance.

I ended up stranded in a sparsely populated godforsaken coastal town at the mouth of an unnamed river, so I entered the nearest building, which happened to be a bar. There were only a handful of seemingly Japanese people there, and a lot of them were dressed in a style I know but cannot name. The entire place was covered in a hazy veil of cigarette smoke, making the sun’s rays bursting through the window seem stronger by contrast. It was clearly a lazy afternoon in an isolated bar, so I ordered a small snack and got a glass of water but I barely ate; I was stranded.

The sky went dark and that was how I somehow knew I’d shifted dimensions. I don’t know how or what dimensions they were and all I had to go on was a glance through the windows. It was also night-time in whatever dimension this was. There were streetlights turned on outside and the bar itself remained the same, as if the bar itself was its own pocket universe cut off from the lives of the people inside, but that’s where my memory ends. I never saw “Chris” again.


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