The Infinity Outside

Photo by Wikimedia user Matanya

Header photo by Pete Stewart under Creative Commons 2.0.

I remember one dream as being quite memorable among some of the newer dreams in my memory. There was plenty of linear travelling with the exception of me getting lost and ending up in a busy street in a populated city. I didn’t just walk and find myself in a busy street. I think I switched dimensions or otherwise travelled through a portal as although the place I started out at was fairly busy, the only features it shared with the street was a small, steep hill with indents where I walked out of, indents already there before I travelled through them, and the same blue, cloudless sunny sky that had brought so many people here. I had, about…two or three people with me? One male, one female, and another I don’t remember; all but one of them seemed to be younger than me.

There was a girl who kept phasing in and out of existence at the beginning. She didn’t seem too distressed…I don’t think she was phasing in and out of existence. I think she was existing between worlds and dimensions, but not any dimensions I’d seen. She seemed calm, wise even. There was something quite literally otherworldly about her. Maybe she’d seen future and past, more than I’d ever experience in life. Although one person from my group was with me when I talked to her about things I no longer remember, the people I was with seemed confused when I walked back over to them. It’s hard to describe otherworldly things with only a worldly selection of words.

I don’t know how I got there, but my final destination was an infinite field with only one building in sight and flat land and sky in all other directions. There was a moderately sized plaza outside the looming building, indented into the grass infinitely stretching. By now, the sun was setting and I probably wouldn’t see it again. There was a spiral staircase to the sky. It was made of glass and the further I walked up it, the more vivid the sky became. By the top, the sky was a brilliant mix of orange and purple. There were handfuls of people sitting on the grass on the ground below me, people on the transparent glass platform I stood on…there weren’t that many of them, and perhaps they’d come a long way as well. I don’t know where they came from but they seemed to appreciate the beauty of it all as much as I did.

That was the highlight of it all, but I remember the next place I was in was a hilly area in the centre of the only building in that field. But it was in a completely different space to the infinite field. There were busy roads at the edges of the hilly area. Unlike the outside, this wasn’t a field. It was a open-sky picnic area in an old building. There was another woman fading in and out of locations unknown in nearly the same place the girl was, and I believe she was the mother of the girl at the start (she said so herself). She was pretty angry at one of the people with me for reasons I didn’t know. She seemed as human as the rest of us, though. But we didn’t stay for long. I wish I had because the last things I saw at the end were the faceless ghosts of several people I used to know. It wasn’t scary at all, but I’d seen a lot during that dream. I have no idea what we were looking for, anyway. I don’t think we finished the journey.

Oh yeah, and for the fun of it, I’m going to associate a song or track to each dream. I’ll be posting that one after I finish this post.


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