Festival in the Field of Nowhere

Photo by Wikimedia user Juliancolton

Public domain header photo by Juliancolton.

I still vaguely remember a dream I had nearly a week ago. There was a festival going on in a field I’m not sure I’ve seen before. It was as good as any festival you’d find in real life. There were stalls for nearly everything, and I remember there being arcade cabinets hooked up to portable power supplies. The organisers must have been feeling particularly confident about the weather. Although I had this dream only last week, the festival itself took part in summer, like my mind still hadn’t moved on. It was yet another dreamed-up event in a dreamed-up space; naturally, I took this chance to explore this one night only event before it disappeared forever, as the day progressed from a bright cloudless afternoon to a humid summer night lit up by people, chatter and countless multicoloured lights in the darkness.

I don’t remember what happened during the simulated midnight but I returned there the second day. This time, I took the chance to walk outside the boundaries of the festival. The grass was up to my waist here. Although they were visible from the festival, I could see the rock face in the distance more clearly. If I looked the other way, I’d see a forest. If I walked that way, I probably would have entered a nightmare state. But I didn’t. The next part of my memory was also a blank, but I knew that the festival ended somewhere in that blank. I returned to the long grass at sunset. There was a rock arch in the direction of where the event took place, separating both short grass and long grass and the event’s boundaries. It was the most silent sunset I’ve ever experienced. Even the animals I saw made no noise. Even then, I knew something was coming to an end. Not that I knew it would be that dream, but at least I knew.


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