Realities Collide

I remember another dream from the summer. Again, Minecraft had become dream reality direct from virtual reality. I’d seen some of my worlds with human eyes, but where I walked through was a place beyond virtual comprehension.

This was the Farlands. Not even parts of reality could make sense of this; as somebody human, I could only see what happened and never why. When I looked down, I saw thin grass. When I looked up, I saw a stone ceiling undulating as if it was the floor and I was standing on the ceiling. As always, I had only one choice: explore. The ground was always flat, but I wonder if was really the floor. Maybe there was a whole world below me, or even above me. I couldn’t understand this place. Maybe in real life, but dream realities tend to come with their own laws of physics.

By evening, I found a lone house sitting in this wilderness in the middle of a place so complex it might have been nowhere. The house itself was normal, if not somewhat small; I entered and turned on the lights embedded in the ceiling. On the left side, there was a kitchen counter against the wall with cupboards above and below. The entire floor was the tiles you’d usually find in the kitchen; The entire room looked like a kitchen. Apparently I wasn’t too concerned with how a person would survive out here because I looked in the cupboards for food. All I found was some hot chocolate powder…I wasn’t looking for that. The occupant of this “house” came in just as I put it back; it was a young boy. A young boy out here all alone with nothing but hot chocolate powder…how did he get here? Why is he here, and where is everyone else?

Apparently I knew this boy already. But it was already nightfall, and it was time for me to go home. I went home but this “home” wasn’t mine, even though it was my home in that particular universe. I hadn’t seen it (although it did look a lot like a house I was to visit later that summer.) It was a nice house; the next day in my dream world, I had a barbecue with my family (yes, my family) in the garden at sunset. I told them about the Farlands as if it were nothing but a trip to a nearby city.


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