Over the Clouds and Under the Sun

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Rameshng

Header photo by Ramesh NG under Creative Commons 3.0.

I’ve been remembering dreams more and more frequently since I started this dreamlog. I remember last night’s dreams. They ended only around an hour ago, but my memory has been failing me frequently so I must hurry before I forget everything.

It was my first day at an academy I didn’t know much of. Most of the people here were unfamiliar but none of them seemed particularly hostile. I didn’t talk to them, but I know they felt the same as me – all too nervous to display hostility and all too shy to talk to anyone (there were between 50 and 100 people here, there would likely be several reasons for that). The people seemed to be  interesting, but that’s not to say the academy wasn’t. It was a complex of its own, a stone island; it floated. Every building, every person stood above the clouds above a world that knew nothing and saw nothing but a white veil. We were told about this at least; the authorities here wanted to hide the existence of this place. I could understand why.

The first day was left to the people to get to know where they’d be living in for what would likely be months or even years. I walked and even ran excitedly with the two friends I’d already made to explore a community above the clouds, something I thought never existed. There were winding stone paths with grass on either side, sometimes winding over lower paths. Raised statues dotted the area in pairs. If I looked down, I could see the buildings and the parallel mesh of paths on the lowest level of the academy. If I looked up, I’d see the top of the main building. I haven’t ran for years other than to catch up, but I couldn’t help getting caught up in the excitement. I was here in an unfamiliar place with two friends, running about to see it all. I felt like a child again. People here were forming clusters like things naturally do. Even now they were all like each other, like me, with maybe different hopes and ambitions but the same enthusiasm and carefree excitement.

People do have to rest sometime. So by midday we sat down on a bench on one of the mid to lower levels for lunch. We ate, we chatted and I watched the people on the upper level coming and going on the paths I was watching while my friends talked to each other. After lunch, I got up and went to walk off lunch. My friends told me they weren’t coming with me…I don’t know whether it was because they simply didn’t want to or that they were no longer interested in talking to me but I felt like it was the latter at the time. Alone and nervous again in an unfamiliar place, I walked off.

I found the common area when I walked inside. There were armchairs, a fireplace, tables and even large windows. I was going to like the place here…but I wasn’t sure about the experience. There were people sitting on some of the armchairs dotting this room. It was fairly quiet here. That happens a lot when a room has a fireplace. There was a girl with purple hair sitting on the armchair closest to the fireplace. She looked up at me from the book she was reading; she also appeared to be on her own here. I was too shy to talk to anyone here, though. So I walked a little way to the small series of bookshelves against the wall, looked briefly and then made my way out.

I could see the purple-haired girl walking out through the corridor I was currently in. I hoped she’d notice me and talk to me because I really hoped I wasn’t going to have to spend this term in isolation. I thought she didn’t notice me until she shifted her attention and walked up to me from a metre away. She evidently had wanted to talk to me too. She wasn’t as shy as I was, though; she was as confident as I was on my best day. But she was still shy.

We walked while talking until we were called to gather on the grassy area outside the building we’d all be living in. It was here I learnt the academy could also fly; this was a training exercise for both us and the authorities. We were given a tour of the academy’s main facilities. We went inside to a corridor next to the living areas and went the opposite way from there, starting with a spiral staircase going downwards to a windowless corridor (it was embedded in rock, so there wouldn’t have been windows) going as far as it could before turning. There were doors to rooms on either side. I only saw what some of those doors contained but I saw: a library, several exhibition rooms, a workshop and a dining hall.

An alarm went off. I don’t know whether it was a drill or if it we were in actual danger, but regardless we hurried there in a loose line to the rooms we’d been told to go to in the case of an alarm. I continued to talk with her while we made our way there. She pulled me towards a different room. Just as she walked through the door and I went to walk through the door she closed the door on me. If this was real, I could have died if this possible hazard had reached here, so alone in the corridor I stayed there and accepted my possible fate.

Sometimes the people I meet in my dreams are better than the people I know in real life, but not when they do that.

That was just cruel.


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