Endless City

Photo by Andrew Smith for geograph.org.uk

Header photo by Andrew Smith under Creative Commons 2.0.

Not long after the first deep sleep festival, I found myself knee-deep in the grass of a familiar field. It was unclear how many days had passed, but there was no sign of any festival beyond the rock arch. It was midday and even the light breeze gently swaying the grass made little sound. Nobody was here and even the wildlife was absent. They were likely in the forest. But there wasn’t anything for me here now. Maybe this was a place I liked to come back to every now and then, but right now there was nothing here.

I travelled to a city I’d seen so many times I’d memorised its architecture;  the clean flat pavements, the light grey building walls, the marble plaza floors…in all dreams, I definitely enjoyed coming here. I’d seen so much in this city yet I always saw new areas whenever I visited. Maybe my dreams are more connected than I think. This city was similar to many other cities I’d seen in real life although it was so much cleaner, uncorrupted by the thoughtlessness of entire crowds of people.

I walked down a slope indented into the ground into a shop, but I didn’t have much money. I had to know what I was buying here. I looked for all the DVDs I’d always been looking for in real life. Unfortunately I didn’t find them, but I did look around. The shop was mostly a clean, sleek black and the ceiling was higher than any other room in this city that I remember. The windows were as tall as myself as so to display any products. I don’t remember if I bought anything here.


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