Hidden in Light and Darkness

Photo by Brian Stansberry

Header photo by Brian Stansberry under Creative Commons 3.0.

I’ve had a lot of dreams involving expeditions. It all started a few weeks after I went on an expedition 4 and a half or so years ago in June 2009. Rarely have they been nightmares; my mind has always taken them as opportunities to go on expeditions of their own. To create new land. To create new scenarios.

One of them took place late in the afternoon. the sunlight was so perfect, the atmosphere could be described as “hazy”, or more appropriately “dreamy”. After finishing an unremembered journey down a narrow dust path I found myself in the middle of a celebration, with a chapel to my left. There was clearly a wedding going on here, and the ceremony had just finished and the reception already appeared to have begun. People in all sorts of suits and dresses stood around and talked among themselves; I started walking further into the crowd to see who there was. I didn’t see the bride or the groom anywhere nor did I recognise any of the people here, barring a member of my family that had travelled here with me. There were several benches dotted around the small clearing. The clearing was encircled by low level bushes preceding a wall of trees with several more narrow dust paths leading to infinity.

I walked down a narrow dust path and I found myself in the middle of a celebration, with a chapel to my left. There was clearly a wedding happening here and since the people were standing outside and chatting amongst themselves with smiles on their faces, the ceremony had finished and the reception had begun. I scanned the crowd to make a first impression in my mind. I didn’t recognise anyone there barring one person: myself. I was clearly a tiny bit late here. I waited for my past self to walk off before entering the populated clearing myself. I walked into the chapel for unknown reasons. I saw nothing in that doorway but darkness even as I walked in, and that’s the last I remember of that dream.

Even if the bride and groom didn’t even materialise, I remember hoping they enjoyed the rest of their life together.


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