Open Air

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Fileri

Header photo by Fileri under Creative Commons 3.0.

I had a dream I saw Slayer live at an open-air festival. I’m not even that into Slayer nor do I know how who replaced the even then departed Jeff Hanneman. I think it may have been Gary Holt (I learn now that he is indeed currently playing live with Slayer.)  I couldn’t see them very well; I was too busy in where there should have been a beer tent, but instead there was a tiny kitchen (the sort of kitchen you’d find in any modern apartment) and loads of people were clamouring to get a cookie. There was only a single packet, and I got two cookies. My former friend who was there ate the rest despite being allergic to chocolate, although there were no ill effects. Of course, I don’t think I could hear them playing, and I never heard them before I woke up.

I also heard a really good 25-minute or so heavy/power metally song which I’m sure my mind completely made up. It had a music video. Which was me performing it while hearing the music. The video was me walking through various terrains, each area for the six parts the song was split up into. I did skip a bit though, because I starting wanting to play mini golf in each of the areas for unknown reasons. The video involved me walking deeper into the earth, starting out in a field and the fourth and fifth parts taking place in a narrow abandoned mine.


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