I have not run out of dreams to write about. I’ve been remembering a lot of the dreams I’ve been having recently. It’s just that most of them are so terribly mundane and are usually things like a slow-paced day out with family or visiting somebody’s house or boring things like that. I do have a few fragments of interesting dreams remembered in a notepad file and I’m sure to remember more dream fragments as time goes on. I will piece together a few of these fragments (some of my published posts are of pieced-together memories of dreams of course) so there’s still a good few dreams left in the ol’ archives.

But if I have to get up early, I may not remember as if I wake up early I’m usually not in the mood to do anything. Except sit there wrapped in my quilt trying to get warm and keeping my eyes nearly closed to shield myself from any light that enters them. I do have a notepad in the draws on my bedside desk less than a metre from where I sleep, though.

Just a quick note.


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