Past and Present Coming and Going in Memory

Header photo by David Roberts under Creative Commons 2.0.

Not all dreams involve me and just a handful of people. Sometimes I will find myself in an assorted group of people I’ve known at some point. They often happen to be people I knew at completely different points in time in the same place but it’s okay with me.

The first time was when we were all sent to go on what seemed like a holiday. We got off the coach in the middle of an unfamilar place and walked forward a few metres before stopping and chatting. None of us were exactly sure where to go. I did talk to one of my current friends before we eventually dissolved in all directions to our houses beyond the boundaries. My house was pretty much the same as its real-life equivalent. Nothing interesting. I’m not sure what happened after that.

The second time was a few days ago; I was in a slightly different group with more people from further back in my past. We were once again walking as an entire unit; it was rather windy and overcast so we took shelter in a…I’m not sure what I could call it, but it was somewhere we could eat and drink and there were booths everywhere. The place itself was circular and the floors, booths and counters were wooden while the walls were made of stone. The building was quite clearly fairly old, but it had a warm atmosphere to it. Even though the building itself was big, the booths were fairly small and the space between my booth and the stairs was around 3/4 of a metre. I was with people I knew fairly well in my booth and I definitely talked with them; I don’t remember what I drank but I emptied the glass. I’m not sure if it was anything I was familiar with although my glass was collected fairly early on…maybe for another type of drink?

I went out briefly for some air. I couldn’t stay out long because it was raining and there was a chilly breeze blowing, so I went back inside. If I ordered food, it never arrived in time (although nobody else at my table had any food either.)

Plenty of other dreams have involved being in places from my distant past with people from my slightly more recent past or even people from the present. But it’s never anything strange. Simply normal chatter or banter.


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