The Dividing Line

Header photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ardastos under Creative Commons 3.0.

In my mind, I don’t have any set home. I have a number of homes only familiar for one night while others will appear and reappear. For all I know, another house resides deep in the heart of the city. I’ve lived everywhere; the sky, across the country and even underground.

In this particular dream, I lived atop a giant wall overlooking lush green plains. This wall was unusually large, as if to keep something out. There was a whole network of buildings and paths built up here – I remember my house being at the termination of the path I knew. A few metres from my doorstep was a glass roofed area where I imagine I’d go if it was raining and I wanted to host an event outside (although right now, it was late morning and the sky was clear.) The rest of the path was to the great outdoors, closer to the sky. I could see the plains for miles out. If I had any sense, I’d have come out here every evening to sit and relax. For all I know, there were more buildings as the path wasn’t just straight. It branched out and turned corners in directions obscured by my house and the mountain the wall was built into.

I found my reason as to why I was living up here; the wall came under attack. I never saw who they were but I saw from their perspective. They were using explosives to remove the wall chunk by chunk, the top of some craters nearing the vertical end of the wall itself. I didn’t feel threatened for some reason seeing as the wall remained, defiant. They were getting closer to taking out entire sections of the wall yet I still didn’t feel threatened.

It must have been a good life.


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