History Preserved

For what it’s worth, the groups I happen to be in when I’m in my dreams aren’t always people I know, even with my temporary memories. Sometimes I’m in a tour group, a party, a street; everything is always changing, even myself.

One such brief memory involves being taken on a tour of a place I no longer remember. Maybe it was the place I’ve built in my mind piece by piece for over a year and a half. I only saw it briefly; another world, a window into another era…the doorway didn’t do this place justice. My tour group only reached the boundary before we were redirected – I decided to stay. The floor was black and white tiled in a coat of stone dust. The roof arched and converged in the centre of the ceiling high above me, and stone structures lay in pieces on the floor; It felt like an ancient castle, and maybe it was. There was something off about this place…It felt like it had been silent for centuries, brought down with the stone in the building although some stone platforms were still intact. This place hadn’t changed and it wasn’t going to change for centuries. There was nothing more for me here so I walked out and never returned, leaving this place in a state of undisturbed sleep. 

I also remember a theatre, a traditional Japanese theatre to be exact; it wasn’t fully traditional though: it was modernised to bring in more visitors, the place was crowded and there was even a gift shop. I also was part of a tour group here; but I got separated fairly early on (we had several tour guides and one of the women working there did her best to get me back to the group.) We could not find the group, so instead she decided to take me on a tour of different parts of the theatre. The architecture was clearly traditional Japanese – the floors were wooden and sliding doors were prevalent. I eventually made my way to the main area of the theatre, where the rest of my group was. I was just in time to see a play. I’m not sure if it ever started.


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