Okay, the well of ideas kinda ran dry near the end. The header art for each alternating day (I’ll alternate between posting random thoughts and actual writing things for 750 words) will be of the album or song that influenced it the most (my muse seems to be music). The one that influenced this one of course, was Rush’s Clockwork Angels. I was even listening through the album as I wrote that. As far as I know, everyone in my family who’s heard that album has really liked it. Caravan, Carnies and The Garden are my favouri…ah, I love it all. These two stories are based off major story ideas I have in my head, and I’m just seeing if I can get them anywhere. I got somewhere with the first. The dialogue was so sparse it may have not been there but it’s all intentional, including the no names (I have names for both of them, but characters aren’t down yet.) Although I guess I shouldn’t be thinking of it as a piece of writing in a bigger picture but just as an exploration. As I said though, I am clearly not ready for NaNoWriMo. If that’s how I deal with 750 words each day then around 2000 per day would just be too much. I tend to take my time when I really want to work on something I want to be proud of.

But now I have the nagging feeling that I really screwed up on today’s writing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh.

…Oh boy. I really did, didn’t I.

750 Words February Challenge Day 1 Thoughts


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