750 Words Day 10

On the final day of summer, I saw her transform. I watched her transform. To a form beyond human, to another stage of life altogether. People fled in terror in all directions as if they were being pushed away by some invisible field. The end started now; people were running and I slowly backed away from whatever was awakening. Of course I was afraid. Like everyone else, I didn’t know what was going on, nor how it was possible. A small voice spoke at the back of my head. It told me to figure out what was going on. It was suppressed by another voice telling me to run, and that anything else would get me killed. Running would have also made me a target but I didn’t think about that. Only the very base instincts told me what to do now, whether they made sense or not. I looked back. She had several more limbs than yesterday, since a few minutes ago for that matter.

There were screams and the air was of panic but something felt wrong. Of course something was wrong, but it hit me; nobody was being attacked. The only harm being done to people was from themselves, in the rush to escape. Tripping over themselves, pushing each other to the ground, even throwing others backwards to further their own survival. This…creature continued to look skyward, enveloped in its transformation. Its eyes were looking down at us all, likely in contempt. Its faintly glowing eyes, occasionally sparking each time it shifted focus. By this time, everybody was watching from a distance they believed to be safe. Some were even walking back inwards. One short man with thin greying hair walked in with a camera, hands visibly shaking, trying forever to get a clear shot. At the centre, a steady glow had formed. Her eyes (her? I wasn’t sure if whatever she was even had these designations) slowly moved down to the closest she could get to eye level.

They looked at me briefly, then moved around the crowd, silencing them. Her gaze finally shifted to someone standing only a few metres from me. What was likely her mouth opened slowly. Everybody recoiled slightly, hairs likely standing on end. What followed next was a garbled series of roars and screeches towards the poor soul metres from me. He appeared ready to cry. His legs and arms were shaking violently and I’m not even sure if he was breathing. No instincts appeared to be able to save him now. Everybody was frozen in place. Unable to speak. Unable to move. We must have seemed so pathetic. I like to think I hold more rationality than the rest of the people here, more sense. But I know I don’t and these are likely the thoughts running through the minds of those still able to think clearly. He was losing his humanity himself out of fear; as if his life was being drained in front of this crowd.

The man’s shaking slowed. He finally managed to get out the most intelligent response most of us would have been able to give: “I…I…Uh…Uhm…W-w…what?” Her eyes glinted and several limbs moved idly. Several camera phones were nervously taken out. Murmuring arose. “Who…who is this?” “What the hell is that?” Only questions. I barely knew her, the same as the man next to me; we all worked in the building we’d only left minutes ago. I never learnt either of my names. They worked in completely different departments to me. This was supposed to be the final day. Another incomprehensible series of roars, still directed at the same point Several camera phones dropped to the ground, some lowered slightly and some were put away altogether. For all I know, she was trying to speak English with a transformed set of vocal chords.

She remained in place like she had the last few minutes, transformation seemingly finished. There was a faint glow radiating which has been subconciously taught to humans as a warning sign. Hold on. Some of those noises, roars, screeches…they sounded like words. Although many things sound like words, I suppose. I hoped she wasn’t getting impatient. I looked to my right and he appeared to still be frozen in place, perhaps thinking up a reply. Or perhaps not. Some people had resumed backing away. People were already moving in to replace them, unaware of what was happening. I envied them up until they decided to take a look.

A stammer sounded out from behind me to my right. He’d finally started speaking. “I, I…I don’t understand. I don’t, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please. We don’t mean harm.” The glow climbed up the side of the building. Was she irritated? I…I really hope not…more roars. More intense. But they didn’t stop. She was repeating something. No. Not intense. We finally heard what she was saying. In that same screeching tone, we could all make out the message. “Help me.”


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