The Tower Audio + Thoughts

Between the Buried and Me – Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain

Yes, it’s more Between the Buried and Me. They’re probably my current favourite band along with Rosetta.I think this one probably fits because it goes from a somewhat detached feeling of being controlled to a feeling of liberation. (Let’s ignore the fact that the Night Owls weren’t much better than the previous government.) And plus, I love this song even if it’s 12 minutes. No. Especially if it’s 12 minutes.

Wow. That was actually the longest thing I’ve written so far. It was great fun to write though. It was a pretty great dream too. My mind seems to really love using train/tube stations as ways to transport me to stranger places. Tried and tested transition, I suppose. It happened in Illumination as well. There wasn’t much in the way of people, though. Hmm. I still don’t know what the whole protests thing was, though, even if that sort of xenophobia happens in real life too. I don’t know who built the machine though. Hmm. Also, 750 Words told me the overall mood of what I’d written was “upset”. UHHHM.


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