750 Words Day 21 / High Above the Forest

I seem to be critical of dreams that simply consist of “days out”, but as I’ve also made clear, some of them are as good as any other dreams. I remember one that took place over the course of one sunny day, playing out exactly as it would in real life. I remember I took a train to the heart of an unnamed city in the morning with some family and friends. The sun was already fully out and there was a few people on the train; not quiet  but not busy either. Instead of walking out to see the buildings twisted, multicoloured and crumbling I walked out into a street. It was a street and nothing more.

It was much busier here, being in the city and all; the landscape was being obscured by the moving crowd, although I wasn’t missing much anyway. It was a nice day, too. I don’t know how any of us navigated but the pathways and roads we walked through were getting narrower and narrower, pushing the crowds inwards and pushing them together like liquid in a syringe. I noticed the platform was taking off into the sky from here; every single part of the area I had found myself in was raised many metres into the air, above the treetops of the forest I’d ventured into (or above.)

In retrospect, it’s good that all those trees weren’t cut down, the authorities instead building above them. Here I saw the only incongruency of an otherwise normal dream was a slide going far up into the sky, above the clouds. The faceless mass of people moved through it, rising up the many stairs leading up to it before descending the steep slope from above. I’m not sure if there were any alternatives but I chose the slide to advance. I remember being extremely nervous, scared about descending such a steep slope from such a great height. These thoughts remained as I climbed and climbed the stairs. The people with me didn’t appear to be so nervous and even reassured me that it wouldn’t be so bad. They were definitely right as I didn’t feel terror while going down, instead enjoying the ride. I briefly considered going again but there was a whole crowd I’d have to go through to do that again, not to mention that I didn’t want to hold my friends and family up.

We made our way through more walkways above the pine trees, occasionally climbing a set of stairs, always moving forward. I never questioned why I’d ended up above a forest from a city. I suppose it wasn’t really worth questioning on such a good day. It was already afternoon by now, I’d guess around 1 ‘o’clock. The sun had moved higher in the sky to a position where it couldn’t be blocked by anything, intensifying the rays shining down. I don’t remember where the walkways ended but I remember reaching solid ground (perhaps it wasn’t solid ground still, perhaps only a larger raised area) around a simulated hour later.

It looked a bit like a university; there were perfectly square areas of grass with trees in the middle, small buildings with glass walls from floor to ceiling with chairs inside, perhaps for people to rest inside or even take shelter from the rain, and a row of shops to the distant left. The people walking around appeared to range from late teens to early thirties, their clothes considerably more casual in nature than anything you’d see on a normal street. They all seemed to stand out more, which isn’t really saying much. Naturally on this sunny day, I took the opportunity to explore and walk around. I encountered walkways like I’d walked through on the way here, I encountered more of the small glass buildings and similar amounts of stairs.

Come to think of it right now, I think this place came into existence not when I dreamt it but when I briefly pictured it years ago as a place in a fictional city. Now, I believe in my dream, it was in a real city, but I’d walked above a forest to get here, so I wasn’t questioning that. A few friends and family left through the exploration but near the end the people who remained with me sat down with me in one of the glass buildings. I remember discussing my future and where I would go from where I happened to be then. I discussed whether I’d come back here in the future; maybe this really was a university? By this time, it was 4 or 5 in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set, the light faded to orange from yellow. It’s a shame I don’t remember, though. But by the time the talk ended, there were only two people sitting with me and I don’t remember who they were. It doesn’t really matter; we got up, exited the building and made our way home. My memory ends there.


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