750 Words Day 25

Both had awoken to a clear morning, mentally and physically. No longer questioning how  people could talk through dreams, only accepting it even with different ways of life. Lindsay got up, feeling rested even after going to sleep in the early hours of the morning. She felt as it she’d earned it, anyway. It was a Friday night after all (more accurately, a Saturday morning.) Spirits lifted, she made her way into the kitchen where her mother and father were slowly preparing breakfast for them, Lindsay, and her little brother. A radio chattered away in the distance.

“Morning. You want one piece of toast or two?” her father asked over his shoulder, two plates in his hand. “Morning. I’ll have one.” Lindsay replied, briefly interrupted by a yawn. She sat down at the table where her little brother sat opposite on a high chair, more interested in the large toy car he was holding, not saying a word or even looking up. Lindsay’s mother turned around to put some peanut butter on the table along with a “good morning” to Lindsay, which was reciprocated absentmindedly. After breakfast with a conversation on the news on the radio with her mother and father, Lindsay returned to her room and turned on her computer, where she would stay for most of the day. Last night’s experience was just too extraordinary not to talk about to her online friends. It sounded so much stranger in real life, anyway.

Celeste had a similarly easygoing day, although most of her days tended to be easygoing, barring those to keep food and drink stocked. Sitting outside on a padded chair in the breeze, Celeste sipped at the mug of tea. What would she do today? Paint the day away? Plan the next distant journey? Her mind was once again only half invested in these thoughts. Wondering if life would change, if recent events were even capable of doing that. She was never fully comfortable with society, anyway. The decision ended up being a walk down the riverside and through the forest resting next to the water and through the land, something she’d always done if there was even the slightest amount of doubt lingering. She went inside and set the mug down on the counter, took her coat and packed some food and a flask of water into a bag, closed the door behind and slowly sauntered down the small grass clearing to the left of the house, into the forest.

Even doing two completely different activities, they were both anticipating tonight. No dread, no apprehension. Anticipation. It started earlier that night. Celeste only had five minutes before she felt a change. The building she happened to be in at the time melted away to be replaced by a metropolis with crystalline stairways weaving in and out of buildings, out of view, into view, through doorways. It somehow looked so much better even if the buildings rose into the sky and through the clouds. Dreams had been strange, but she hadn’t seen this kind of place for a long time. She felt like she remembered it well for some reason. The ground Celeste stood on was a plaza with square grass patches and some seemingly clean buildings boxing in the area.

A disembodied voice came from somewhere above, likely descending the shining stairs. It was repeating something short. It was deciphered as a simple “Hey!” the voice took form. It was Lindsay, slightly more restrained than last time. Celeste smiled slightly. Not often that people seemed this nice. “I can lucid dream! So I made this place.” Celeste’s mood seemed to drop ever so slightly, but it wasn’t noticed. “Ah…this place seems…familiar. I don’t know why.” Lindsay picked up the conversation. “This is still so great. Has anyone else ever done this, do you think? I mean, this is just insane! There could be so many feels from this.” “I don’t know…what are we going to do about this, anyway? Is talking all that’s going to happen.” Lindsay was beginning to pick up on her slightly more downbeat mood. Was this because of her? Whatever she was doing? She felt slightly hurt but tried to hide it as best she could. “What if…what if we created? It could be like…that game with the blocks!”

Half a shrug before she remembered. “Minecraft!” The same bewildered look she’d gotten when she talked of Tumblr. Evidently, she had a lot to teach to…Celeste (?) if they were to get to know each other any better. “I can’t lucid dream. I’m sorry.” “That isn’t a problem. You only need to read about it before you can do the thing. Actually, why don’t you try it now?” Celeste drew focus away from emotion and looked around, wondering what she could do. She took away some of the buildings with less staircases in sight, collapsing them into the ground. A torrent of water rushed through where the buildings had been. Lindsay yelped in shock before laughing. “GREAT! What a time to be alive, right?!” This was not what Celeste had intended to do.

But it looked good anyway, even if the roar of the flowing water seemed a little strange in a setting such as this, or anywhere near water, at least in her experience. She smiled anyway, feeling a bit better. Maybe it was because it felt a tiny bit more like home. Everything started to fade now. Perhaps her mind had realised it was aware, and was waking up. She turned, yelled “goodbye, Lindsay!” and added on “I might see you tomorrow!” although unsure of whether that got through. That  “might” puzzled her, though. Would it be possible that was the last time? It had made her realise just how isolated she was. Maybe life really was changing.


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