Urban Forest / Cruelty

Last night’s dream was mostly fragmented but I remember the main two parts. It was actually two dreams, to be exact.

The first part I remember as simply spending a day in an unfamiliar house with my family; they of course were familiar, but the buildings weren’t. But I’ll get to that later. This appeared to be just daily life, but being in a different place meant it wasn’t. It started around the afternoon when we all ate lunch. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch, but I remember taking a shine to a drink that came in a bottle similar to a balsamic vinegar bottle, along with having the same colour. I initially hated it but I came to like it. I noticed that all the cats in my family were here too, generally milling around the house and the garden. I didn’t take too much notice. I just wanted to see what was here.

By the time I was finished seeing the house, it was evening and the sun had nearly already set. I walked outside into the garden; several members of my family were also in the garden, sitting down with their phones or even putting out washing. The grass gradually got more and more overgrown the further I walked into the garden. The garden was around 20 metres long, terminating at the wall of the building next to mine. Both buildings were much taller than I thought; at least both were 4 storeys tall, although the one I didn’t live in was about 1.5x taller. Through the grass at the end of the garden obscuring my vision, I looked at the large house in detail. The first and second floors were clearly abandoned (there were no windows at ground floor.) The second floor’s windows were boarded up from the inside, quite hastily so too. The wooden planks were partially green now in both windows. The first floor was also boarded up from the inside, but less hastily; the wooden planks were at least parallel with each other. I stared at the windows for what felt like minutes. Everything above the second floor was clearly inhabited. What had happened to the first and second floors that would render them beyond saving?

It was nearly time for dinner right now anyway. The entire family sat down in the grass and ate. The long grass where I sat felt like a cushion. One of the cats was next to me but thankfully he didn’t try to eat some of my food like he normally does. Most of what I remember was chatter I no longer remember. I was offered a bottle of the drink I’d had hours ago, but I refused. I already found the idea of drinking it to be repulsive again. My memory ends there.

For the second (part of the) dream, I was younger again. Back in primary school. This time, there were several unfamiliar faces, two of which seemed to be my friends. One of them was really shy in general and didn’t have many friends. The other seemed to be more confident; he seemed to be the one preventing anyone doing any serious psychological harm to her. The girl wanted to make more friends, but she had the misfortune of trying to become friends with someone who was clearly a really nasty person. She asked if the other girl would become her friend. With a clearly malicious grin, she asked for £11, which is likely a lot of money to a schoolchild. Yet the shy girl walked off, seemingly pleased. Even though I act differently in dreams, I feel shameful for having done nothing. Thankfully, the boy stepped up and walked right up to the exploiter and even called her out on it. He really had a go at her. I was pretty proud of him for having the courage to just go and do that. Unfortunately, my memory already cuts off there. I think the first part of the second dream was something I forgot.


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