Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning this blog. Actually, I’m not sure who I’m talking to. I don’t think anybody’s paying attention to me and I’ll take the benefit of the doubt of the idea that it’s because everyone gets the general idea that I started this blog for myself. But I’ve been pretty busy lately anyway. I figure that TVTropes may be what’s poisoning my writing, thinking with the mindset of a troper really messes up writing, especially flow. I’ve been thinking of leaving but I’m not quite dissatisfied with the site yet. I’m getting rather bored with it though.

As for reading, well. The fires have been reignited and I’ve been slowly getting back into reading although right now I have the reading tastes of a 15-year-old because I don’t have the attention span for anything more, hah. I’ve decided to start with webcomics, and also I’m planning to start reading things at (nearly) random. I started reading Homestuck a few days ago (hopefully that will help me write more freely, really getting into it but don’t worry, this will be the only time I’ll ever talk about it, I know how polarising it can be, even if it’s the fans that polarise) as well as planning on ordering printed volumes of another webcomic I know nothing about (Carciphona). I’m not sure if I said but a few weeks ago I finished The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. It’s your standard dystopian young adult novel with some idea of its own but it was still pretty enjoyable. Been looking at the Divergent series too. There were some other books I planned on looking at, but I forgot.

Which reminds me, Koji Suzuki released a prequel to the Ring series, called S. I was disappointed with Loop but I’ll go check it out anyway. I’m not quite sure if I’ve found my writing style yet. Or have I had it since I started this blog? Or does it depend on what I’m writing? Hmmmm. It’s enjoyable to experiment, well, mostly enjoyable, depends on what I’m experimenting with.

I appear to be taking a break from this for a bit.


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