Just confirming that I am indeed not dead. As I have said, I’ve been pretty busy since mid-March so I can’t dedicate much time to writing. I have a monumental to-do list right now. I did have a dream last night that it was World War II and me and my family were driving away from my hometown. I remember the roads were congested; I saw the burned remains of Allied flags in the distance. The town itself was okay, but I remember everything coming to a standstill as we saw an German bomber plane emerge from the clouds. I prayed they’d simply fly over and leave us alone, as well as hoping we’d escape should our town be bombed. It was terrifying. But it was only a dream for me. To think that people actually experienced this a long time ago…it’s something I can’t imagine.

Anyway, I’ve found something called Story A Day. Which is basically where you write a short story every day in May. I wrote short stories for half of February for 750 Words and that was pretty challenging so I want to try this, step it up a bit. April’s only…oh dear. I’ll still be busy in May. I might try. I’ll see how things turn out.

(Brief update)


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