Miscellaneous dreams I

Last night I dreamt I took in two lizards I found wandering the streets. However, I forgot about them frequently. They both withered eventually. The first I paid more attention to; they spent a lot of time in my sight. I named the first Eve. The second was nowhere to be seen; they withered completely. I found them eventually in a wardrobe, seemingly long-gone. I gave Eve some water and any signs of bad health went away. I poured water over the second and with that, I brought them back to life; they scampered all over the room and up my arm. I didn’t give the second a name, however. They were both back to full health and a tank appeared in my house for them to live in. At the time, I was under the impression the tank had always been in my house. But now I had two lizards, healthy and happy.


Weeks ago, I dreamt I was with my family. We met a family from the southern part of the USA. Texas, if I remember completely. We walked around town with them although that’s not the part I remember. They invited us to their home to the USA; we accepted. Their house was massive; there was a large swimming pool outside as well as tennis courts, a grassy area to sit on. Everything was surrounded by a chainlink fence that didn’t make any impression at all, as if it wasn’t even there. I could see a road outside the fence. Other than that, I saw nothing but flat desert. It was okay, because I was having a good time at the house. I remember the other family had a father, a mother, a son and a daughter. All somewhat young. The last I remember was playing tennis. There wasn’t another structure in sight, nor any natural formations.


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