I went to Comic-Con on Saturday and Sunday.

I had an amazing time. This was my first Comic-Con and my second convention (although the last was 7 years ago.) Almost too amazing seeing as I’m still suffering from what some would call post-convention depression. I took photos of some cosplayers I thought had good cosplays.

The most popular cosplays I saw were:

Finn (Adventure Time)
Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)
Wolverine (X-Men)
The Riddler (Batman)
Sollux Captor (Homestuck)

Ruby Rose (RWBY)

Pikachu (Pokemon)

The photos I took were from…Touhou (Yukari, Yuyuko), Homestuck (Terezi, Karkat, Kanaya, Feferi, Meenah, The Grand Highblood), Portal 2 (GLaDOS, Turret), Batman (Batman, Bane), The Legend of Zelda (Twili Midna, Link, LttP Zelda, TP Zelda), Kill la Kill (Ryuko, Ira, Mako, Satsuki, Houka) and RWBY (Ruby, Yang, Ren, Nora, Blake). (Only the individual ones though; I had a bunch of crowd photos. I looked at my first crowd photo and several people are looking at the camera. I took photos with a Legend of Zelda 3DS so I suppose it’s a bit easier to spot.) Okay, I’m not sure why I just listed all the cosplay characters. But I’m bored, I guess.

I also spend what felt like a lot 0f money although it may just be more restrained than what most spend. Although I bought five Monster Hunter figurines; they were in boxes and you could get one of eight possible figurines from each box. I had the misfortune of getting the exact same figurine from two boxes. I barely had any space for anything else in my bag so I simply gave it away. (You may be cringing because I did that, but come on, I had no space for it.)

I’m hoping there’s someone else who sees this that also went to Comic-Con (was that sentence grammatically correct?) but it’s unlikely. Oh well. I tried to get on the internet at the Excel but I couldn’t connect…

I spent a lot of time at the Bandai-Namco part of the convention, as well as the artist’s alley and All the Anime. I looked for The End of Evangelion but it wasn’t there…I did get one Blu-Ray which I’ll mention when I get to my haul.

Saturday was pretty tiring. Got up at half 6 in the morning, still spent ages in the rain waiting in the line to get in. There wasn’t a canopy of umbrellas like I hoped there would be. I was in close proximity to many umbrellas but I’m too tall to use them so I instead got poked in the head occasionally by stray umbrellas. When I saw all the cosplayers there, I started to feel out of place despite only wearing normal clothes; I kinda regretted not cosplaying, no matter what I would have gone as. It was great to finally get in. The event was also tiring; when I thought it was mid-afternoon, I looked at my 3DS to find it was only half 11 in the morning. I left between half 2 and 3 in the afternoon. Hmmm. I did buy quite a bit though. Sunday, I went with some friends. They were going to buy tickets there; I had a weekend pass wristband so I went through. I had to wait hours until they finally got through though. During that time, I wandered endlessly up and down the food court bit, occasionally getting photos with cosplayers. Well, of cosplayers, but yeah.

We lost each other to the crowd very quickly, splitting up into groups of three. It stayed like this until around the last 2 hours of our time there. I did sometimes walk off to ask cosplayers for photos, which was a risky thing to pull, but I got the photos and got back to them so it was okay. We eventually found the rest of them at the Bandai-Namco stand where one of them was playing the new Naruto game. Let me say, some moves in that game are ridiculous to the point of overkill. The other person would quit just as the animation for the move started. Also, Mecha-Naruto runs funny. Hilariously, I say. I Streetpassed with many people but me and my friend still hold some records on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s arena. Hee. By this point, I’d been walking nearly nonstop for hours and my feet were on fire (as were some of my other friends’ feet, half of us wanted to sit down but then we instead started walking to another set of booths uuuughfdhghghgh) although we did eventually sit down and have lunch before going home. I saw a Bender cosplayer there as well as the Legend of Zelda group. And a Lego Batman. And a Red Gyarados.

ANYWAY, here’s photos of my haul:

HNI_0081 HNI_0095

Saturday haul is:
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate T-shirt (only £10, pretty good deal)

Lagiacrus Monster Hunter figurine x2 (Different poses, one’s missing an arm though…I got a duplicate of one of them which is what I gave away)

Attack on Titan Volumes 1 and 2 (Bought them on a whim, haven’t started on them yet)

Espeon plushie (So adorable)

Portal Sentry Turret figurine (Hello. I see you. Are you there?)

Sunday haul is:

The Kill Screen Issue 1 by Mike Garley, Mike Stock and Josh Sherwell (A comic that just started)

The Doll Maker by Sarah Jones (Along with a postcard and I also got a business card but it’s not there)

Neon Genesis Evangelion III (A soundtrack CD; pretty happy I found this although I just found I can get it on Amazon too…)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Blu-Ray (Nearly got it with Summer Wars as a double package, but didn’t…regret it now)

Umbreon plushie (Also adorable but the stitching on it wasn’t very good, tail split on the journey home

Silver Rathalos Monster Hunter figurine

Rathalos Monster Hunter figurine


Okay, so I don’t have much to post on this blog any more. But hey, posting about this made me feel a bit better. I miss it though. There’s no conventions anywhere that happen A) within a reasonable distance from me B) at a sensible time of day C) at a sensible time of year and that’s not to mention the fact that there aren’t many cons that interest me. Next con I go to will be another Comic-Con but it’s so far away ;-;


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  1. Akriti says:

    NICE WORK :)

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