Summer Update

LFCC did not get off to a good start. I waited 2 and a half hours to actually get inside. And once I got inside, the people density was near black hole density. Imagine you’re trying to swim through a river of maple syrup except it’s going in the opposite direction. Also, the maple syrup is people. So, both crowd control and queuing were terrible, this everyone can agree on. People were in the queue much longer too. I sat down about 3 times in those 2.5 hours when the line wasn’t moving but otherwise I stood there probably looking really weird. I ordered me an earlybird Sunday ticket so this better go well tomorrow. Even the cosplay zone was packed solid…

There were some empty spaces that formed seemingly randomly but otherwise everything was “that one area”. I walked until I couldn’t take it any more several times and my legs and feet still hurt as I type this. It took me ages to find the stalls I wanted and even then I realised too late there was a second hall I missed. Sunday…Sunday.
The vast majority of cosplays seemed to be Marvel and DC characters this time. I saw one Homestuck cosplay and there were so many more The Doctors than at Comic-Con. I think The Doctor, Deadpool and Harley Quinn were probably the most popular cosplays for this one. I was standing just behind a Welcome to Night Vale cosplayer in line. They might have been the only WTNV cosplayer there, who knows.
When I came in, I met Chase Masterson (who played Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). She had a few audio dramas. I know nothing of those so I thought “why not”, bought it and got an autograph. There were also autograph lines in the middle of the hall but you had to pay for those so I just looked. I pretty much spent both hours just walking and hoping I’d find something cool. I tried to sit down to eat but I was so tired I kind of just collapsed onto the floor and got back up. Hope that didn’t make me look really stupid. :( I had a few Pringles and a breadstick. Eating habits are weird when I’m out.
And in the final photo you see the haul: A Kill la Kill banner, Chase Masterson’s Vienna: The Memory Box, an Eevee plush, a Raichu plush, a Summer Wars/The Girl Who Leapt Through Time DVD boxset, The Kill Screen alternate issue 1 with a print from the upcoming issue, two book promo…demo…things and I think that’s it.
So yeah, this con was fun but that’s just me trying extra hard to have fun. I’m surprised this whole thing didn’t collapse my willpower instantly.
On another note, I started reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea Quartet. It might just be worth the £17 or so it cost because the information is packed really densely. Do you know how many pages I read in one session? 50. Not 150-200 like I would in a standard session, but 50. So I guess it’s a compliment that I apparently write like her. (I wish I did. Ha.)

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