Summer Update II

Apparently this blog is already a year old?! Time really flies, huh. The blog before this one feels like a lifetime ago. Who knows, maybe I’ll see if I can hit 100th post today. Probably not. I think I’ll post my LFCC Sunday report.

(EDIT: I forgot I had a blog before this one at the time of writing. Oops. Haha. It was a year ago I registered at the time of writing.)

From what I’ve read, Jenna Coleman is a really, really, really nice person. I considered going to see her talk but I didn’t. Didn’t even know what time it was on. She said something that’s caught on apparently. Wish I had gone to that talk to see the context for it.
The early bird queue was the longest queue I’ve ever been in by a factor of…I don’t know but it’s a positive integer. We were continuously walking yet it took about half an hour to actually get to the door. The leg damage I accumulated from walking yesterday carried over to today. By the time I’d arrived at my tube station and had to walk the rest of the way home, my feet felt like they were on fire. :( So when I got home I put my feet in a basin of nice hot water. That being said, I managed to ignore the pain for most of the walking round both halls. I did still sit down and play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from time to time though. Fighting a monster in rage mode isn’t easy to do while walking though. The actual venue was nowhere near as busy as it was on Saturday. Not until 11am, anyway. Plenty of space to move in the second hall too. I got two cosplay photos. It was still mostly Marvel cosplays I saw around.
Went to go chat to a few artists when I first arrived, they were all really nice. I finally saw the second hall too. There were so many great things there, it was mostly artists there. I bought a few things but when I went there the final time to see if there was anything else I wanted I realised I was nearly out of money so I had to pass. :( Today was an art kind of day. I bought nothing but prints, postcards, books and other assorted artist things today. I visited a few stalls several times. I guess that’s my wandering thing again. Saw a cool artbook…for £32. Bluh.
But no, LFCC was horribly organised and a lot of the people running stalls thought that too. I only lasted about 3 and a half hours too…I didn’t think it was hot like everyone said though. I tried to have fun though, and I did. Huzzah. I’m not suffering any form of post-convention depression right now so that says it all.
So as I said, it was an art kind of day. Ha.

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