Broken Spiral

Header image by George Gastin under Creative Commons 3.0.


I had another dream where I ended up at some sort of…academy? University? Everyone that had ever gone to the same school as me was there, yet the crowd seemed smaller than I expected it to; I could still pick out people more familiar to me from any cluster in the larger group. I don’t even know how we got to the first lecture (?) but the hall was at least big enough to accommodate us all. We started late, however, due to some idiot in the back of the hall making stupid noises. They were removed but then the entire hall started jostling (maybe the removal of the person making the noises had caused that.)

By the time the hall had stopped moving there were visible gaps at several points in the clusters of people in the hall. The cluster I was in at the front and one friend made a joke about “Team Ulysses”? At first I wasn’t sure what he meant nor did I understand why he’d choose that, although if it was about Ulysses S. Grant then he knew more about American history than I do. The speaker was visibly irritated for the rest of the lecture and stopped to shout at us mid-lecture for what happened at the start. We definitely felt ashamed when we left to get our shoes and bags. I’m not so sure what I had to be ashamed of since all but at least one of us hadn’t really done anything.

The path to the second class was where it got weird; a good deal of us got hopelessly lost. Well, I did. I was with a handful of other people I was never really too familiar with, making our way down a large spiral staircase to our room. It wasn’t really a spiral staircase; it was broken in several points and continued in points that did not lie on the downwards spiral. Perhaps there were two broken spirals. After we hit a dead end at the first break I decided to jump down to a lower point. I looked for another point to jump down to but there was no spots that were definitely safe to jump to. I did converse with the other people still at the first break what to do but I’m not sure if there was any sound. There was one point I considered jumping down to but a fall that far might have damaged the contents of my bag should I have decided to throw it down first and of course there’s the damage to my legs to consider.

I found a way to go further down. I don’t know what it was. I got at least close enough to the second class…it was right below the staircases, not even terminating on the floor of the room, but instead the ceiling. The class seemed somewhat modern, laptops and thin carpets and all, and was nearly full so perhaps my splinter group had just gone the wrong way. Everyone in the room, the ones I could see, were looking up at me. The lecturer asked me a few things, mostly to do with my current location. My eyes were heavy at this point and I remember telling him that. I didn’t need to make my way down, however; this “class” didn’t need that.

I don’t know what happened but my surroundings changed into something that could only be described as a moving psychedelic patterns. We all took on new forms I couldn’t really understand and I don’t know about the rest of them but I switched from first-person view to third-person, if that makes any sense. We all started from the top of the staircase (maybe that was what it was for, ahahah) and again we made our way down as a proper group. I could see others leaving motion trails; I figured that the areas with dense motion trails was areas I should be going to. Several people fell but were moved back to the top of the staircase. I didn’t make it the the bottom of the staircase before I woke up, unfortunately.


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