Header image by Methem.

A dream I had about a month or so ago, I remember life becoming a story, everybody acting out the same or so I thought anyway. The story’s events transpired over and over again, once for each person progressing through as the main character. This “main character” was a lone standout with an agenda nobody know, not even this character’s actors.

Regardless, they moved through this building leaving only a trail of destruction. Water pipes were burst, walls and ceilings were destroyed, computer systems shut down. Everybody was still none the wiser as to who this was. I didn’t know what my role was, all I know was that this character was “me”, if that makes any sense. I had to do this, even if I wasn’t sure why.

This was only chapter 1 of whatever story we were forced to play out. The main character wore a thick green sweater and everybody else wore thinner red sweaters. I assumed everybody took the role of this green-clad protagonist. After a short discussion between everyone over the story, I learnt this was not the case.

I don’t know when the switch to chapter 2 occurred but I learnt only I was the loner with an agenda. Everybody else had simply been background characters in red and now they knew what I had done. They weren’t happy about it to say the least. They advanced towards me before I broke out into a sprint away from them in a desperate attempt to find an exit. The fastest of the group ran after me but I just about managed to stay ahead of them. Through a window in one corridor I could see some more plainly dressed people doing various things in a field along with construction workers on a scaffolding on the other side of the building I was running through.

I made it down the stairs. I wasn’t even sure how; I was unable to tell what any of my limbs were doing during the descent. I made it outside into the field and I ran parallel to the border between the concrete just outside the building and the field further out. A helicopter landed just ahead of me in my path. I couldn’t see the pilot but I could tell this was for my escape. I pushed ahead to make it to the helicopter.

I made it alright. But I remember something being wrong with the helicopter. It wouldn’t start.

That’s it for what I remember.


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