Audio – Fair of Sea and Sand

Artwork by Ken Sugimori and Yusuke Ohmura

Game Freak & Minako Adachi – Cyllage City

Okay, I’m listening to music right now, but I think this music fits it. My coastal hometown was quite a bit like Cyllage City. I wanted to use Shalour City simply because the Tower of Mastery looks really good and I love the music of both, but I can’t lie, that town was so much more like Cyllage, right down to the population’s heavy use of bicycles and general beach…ness of the place. (I don’t think the place was actually influenced by Cyllage though.) Also, if you change some of the words in this dreamlog’s title you’ll get the title of a particular quest in a particular videogame. I wonder if anyone sees it. Hee. They’re all similar words.

Also, This is my 99th post! I know what I want to do for my 100th post but it’d require a LOT of preparation, practice and work and I’m not sure if I’m up to the task, I’m real busy right now. So I wouldn’t really expect anything to be on the safe side.


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