Fair of Sea and Sand

Header image by Temporalata under Creative Commons 2.0.

Last night’s dream seemed to heavily feature bicycles which seems like a strange theme to choose, but it happened. Of course, they were fairly simplified bikes; there were only 3 gears and only the most expensive bikes had access to all three gears. The first gear seemed to just be for everyday use, second gear for hurried journeys or races while the third gear seemed to be for things like mountains and extreme sports. I don’t know if that’s anywhere near how they work though.

This time around, my home was a small hilly coastal town. There was a multi-day event going on; I wouldn’t call it a festival, however. Perhaps a fair. There were two giant pop-up tents, both of which housed multiple levels, in the town, which was something more suited for a particularly special festival. Whoever organised that was efficient; I saw it taken down with my own eyes at the end of the fair.

I had a friend with me; we both rode bikes with the first two gears. A few weeks before the fair in a separate dream I remember going down to an isolated part of the beach with my family (in the dream anyway) with the new bike. It was apparently a pretty good bike in terms of those with only the first two gears. I remember accidentally riding it through a hole in a fence to a lower level of the beach down the dune we were on. (I had to ride it a pretty long way to get back to the level it was at. Ahaha.) My friend did that when we went back to the beach the day before the fair. He just picked it up through the fence and walked back up the dune though. Not sure why I didn’t do that in the first place.

The fair itself was pretty fun. We went back and forth between the two tents and around the green hills between them. I preferred the towering tent on the west of the island. Near the end of the last day my friend decided to enter a house with all the windows and doors open. I followed him and there was a reason why I thought it was initially okay, which was probably not a good reason anyway, but at the end of the dream I remember wishing I’d stopped him. This house had a pretty large TV sitting on top of a short wooden shelf containing all the DVDs this person had. They were DVDs from series I wasn’t too interesting though. He picked up some DVDs and put them back.

When we left, we were attacked by somebody who was presumably the owner of the house. I don’t remember what I said, probably an excuse, but I was excluded from the attack. He accused my friend of stealing his identity by being in his house. I didn’t see my friend after that. I asked somebody near me what do to do and I was advised to not go near either of them.

I went off by myself and I left my bike at a bike rack. I took another one that had the third gear on and…I don’t remember any more.


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