100th Post!!

Huzzah, 100th post! I got another short dreamlog, a Comic-Con report, notes on the blog and life, and an unfortunate thing to do with Nanowrimo. Maybe a few other things too. It’s still quite a post though. I believe I’ll start with the dreamlog.

Last night saw another dream beyond home. It was a shame I was woken by my alarm. Perhaps it wasn’t away from home, but home away from the place I knew; I lived in a town that seemed much, much older than any I knew. Every morning I would commute through the outer corridors and arches of an immense castle, part of the town itself reaching into the monolith itself. One part I recognised in particular was an entrance leading into darkened passageway with a few centimetres of water coating the floor, exiting into the town contained within the castle’s outermost wall. I walked slowly through the passageway having a chat with whoever I happened to be walking to my destination with that day, talking about the castle’s waterlogged veins, the weather, what passed for everyday life for us. None of us seemed to notice in the slightest how the passageway would have been more in place in a dungeon deep underground. After saying goodbye to the man going elsewhere, I sauntered to my destination, the light morning rain accenting the castle’s grey bricks reaching sky-high as well as the morning mood heavy among the crowd of people walking through. I arrived at the hockey pitch; it seemed so empty for the few people there. It was a very big hockey pitch, though. I don’t remember what I talked about with the people there, but it turned out that I didn’t need to be there that day. I left and wandered around for the rest of the day, undeterred by the light rain. I don’t remember seeing a whole lot else, but the castle was all I needed to see.


Okay, after writing that, I had to change the tenses. I seem to have an affinity for…future imperfect, is it? Come to think of it, maybe the castle was a bit like Boleteria from Demon’s Souls. It was cool, though.

Also, I WAS planning to do a super cool thing for my 100th post but I would have had to wait until December. It was initially going to be the “30 Characters in 30 Days” challenge but I was urged to do NaNoWriMo instead. I got a strong start up until around 12000 words. I had to quit after that because it was interfering with my life too much (I’ve never been this busy) and it just wasn’t fun any more. That and the fact that my laptop’s hard drive broke, so I lost all my NaNoWriMo data anyway. I lost all data on it, but the laptop I’m typing from has all of that minus the new data I made on the broken laptop between September and now. Sorry, all!

Also, I went to Comic-Con on October 25 and October 26. It was once again super fun. I went with a group of others which was lucky because I did something unimaginably stupid – I forgot my ticket! Luckily one of the people I went with had his smartphone so I displayed my ticket on that and got my wristband. Saturday was of course very hectic. Although this year, I think the most popular cosplay was Ruby Rose from RWBY, surprisingly. Second would be Blake Belladonna, also from RWBY. That was probably because Roosterteeth were there. (I got Miles Luna on Streetpass too. Hee.) Barely any Finns or Deadpools this year. Sunday was more relaxed…right up until about 1pm after which it hit Saturday levels. The Roosterteeth queue was tiny this time though, so I got to the stall. I decided to check out some new artists and I didn’t regret it. Walked the whole thing with a 3DS. I couldn’t be bothered to take out my 3DS constantly though. Wonder how many StreetPass hits I missed out on. (I met a few people twice. I wonder if the Sunday second meeting hits were from Saturday or somewhere else? Small world if it’s the second one.)

Here is a photo of Saturday and Sunday’s hauls respectively:

HNI_0031     HNI_0033

Which is…


-Steven Universe comics 1, 2, 3

-Two Wander No More books

-The Kill Screen Issue 2

-Café Suada volumes 1-4

-Kill la Kill DVD Volume 1 of 3

-Attack on Titan DVD Part 1 (I get the feeling my choice in DVDs will be heavily judged)

And of course, all the art and stickers and badges you see.


-Blake Belladonna plushie

-Wolf Children DVD (Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time were brilliant, not sure why I haven’t started; it may look like I’m super into anime but honestly I’m just a beginner, not that into it really)

-Mont Blank Volume 1

-Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack CD

-Just Before I Sleep

-My Eating Habits

-Astral Break


-Oisin in the land of youth

-The Upside-Down Onigiri

-And of course, the art and stickers you see. (I got a Ryuko phone/keyring thing, as well as some Monster Hunter stickers. Even after Four Point Formation I think Nargacuga’s cute.)



I still laugh when I see this photo but I can’t help but feel kinda guilty at how I didn’t wait in line to take a photo though. (If I did, I would have taken it with them; the line was LONG though, I mean, it went back on itself several times and cut through other stalls. They had a pretty funny reaction to my 3DS though (not negative, don’t worry) which was a plus seeing as I wasn’t even expecting them to notice me. I was basically starstruck. They’re famous, right? (Rooster Teeth. Ahahaha. I think Kerry was pointing at my 3DS here. Sorry to those that waited in line, though.) I’m hoping to have a cosplay of my own ready for April’s Comic-Con but some of the ones I have in mind are pretty expensive.

Actually, come to think of it, I couldn’t have posted a finished Nanowrimo/30Characters thing anyway. I might have had something cool on my laptop but I don’t know now. I think I had another thing:

My opinion on the music changes with mood but the general atmosphere and art is what I was going for in some of my writing. I just thought it was something cool.

I don’t know if I’ll update this regularly any more though. I’ve been REALLY busy since August and my dreams are often cut short by my alarm now, that and I can’t remember any of them any more. I could still use this as a writing thing should I stop posting dreamlogs though. Oh! I just remembered!

THIS. It’s another game about dreams, it seems? I’ll find it when it comes out…in May. I was pretty sad that I only found out about this months after the Kickstarter. It also makes me sad that I’ll never make anything as magical as that. The creator, OMOCAT, has some really cool stuff on their store (I saw someone wearing one of OMOCAT’s shirts at Comic-Con. I complimented them on it.) It has music from some great artists, and aivi & surasshu did music for a remix CD (?) I will never get now. :( It’ll be for 3DS. I hope I can get a physical copy.

Anyway, updates will probably continue to be pretty sporadic. As I said, I got a lot to do. But when the Christmas holidays come around, hopefully I’ll have more time.



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