Audio – The Witch’s Guidance

RETCON TIME! When I heard this, I instantly thought of The Witch’s Guidance. So to put myself to rest, I’m changing the audio. Everything just seems to click – it fits so much more. Lost child in a snowstorm? Right.

(NOTE: The last track was ZUN – Border of Life and the following is from that was the audio.)

This was an unlikely choice, but when I get a headache I listen to the Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith soundtrack also by ZUN. My headache was still there by the end so I put on the Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom soundtrack. It sounds silly, but Touhou soundtracks make good headache softeners AND seasonal soundtracks for me.

As for the dreamlog, it sounds fairytale-ish, but that is really how the dream went. It was only last night I had the dream and I still remember it more vividly than most dreams ~20 hours after I had them.


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