Photo by Wikimedia user Juliancolton

Last night’s dream was fairly standard…well, half of it. I spent this half roaming a seemingly endless, overgrown field with grass up to my neck, where even the ground seemed to be unstable and the wind was barely audible. The first I remember of this field, I was with my mother. We came across the ruins of a building, if they could be called ruins. They looked more like a series of vaguely rectangular arrangements of bricks a foot high with debris cluttering the rooms they once enclosed. She told me they were the ruins of a building she once visited a few times when she was younger…I remember wondering how a building could go from something people visited to something that looked more like the beginnings of an archeological dig site in barely a few decades. She also half-jokingly asked me if I knew any buildings that had been reduced to rubble like this. I wondered anyway and my mind returned nothing.

These ruins were strange indeed; for whatever reason I didn’t consider that an attack on the building had done this. Who would want to attack a place in the middle of nowhere in a field like this. I started to walk around the various square ghosts of rooms. Just as I started to notice holes in the ground with no earth in the bottom, but blackness, Walking near one I heard “Careful!” briefly before the ground I was on started to sink rapidly as if somebody had just taken hold of this part of the field and pulled down. I managed to scramble out in time, if “in time” was appropriate – I don’t know what the consequences would have been had I stayed in. A short while of poking about a small portion of the ruins later my mother had to leave, so I said my goodbye as she walked through the field and out of sight. Circling the ruins, I met people of grass; I never looked closely but I knew they lived in this field. They were of this field. They followed me and explored with me as well as a woman I met in a location I’m not too sure I remember.

I felt safer now; they were protecting me and I was protecting them. Shortly in, however, the grass people said they had to leave though they would be back shortly – I protested but the woman reassured me that it’d be okay and that she’d still be there. I accepted this and allowed the grass people to walk way out of sight out of the field to do whatever they needed to do. We continued to roam and explore the ruins, with an occasional line on something from one of us. Neither of us came into danger this time around, thankfully. The grass people eventually returned, still half-hidden in the grass although they still didn’t make any mention of why they had to leave, like my mother. It felt to me like we are all travellers exploring the ruins of civilisation; there couldn’t just be a random building in this field that people went to. I wasn’t sure why but I had the feeling that although the building had seen use up until a few decades ago, it was a very old building anyway. I made sure to keep everybody behind me to make sure they were safe.

Yet another short while later, the woman told me she had to leave and that she might be back. This coincided with me backing into a patch of ground with a slight drop – enough for me to not be able to see her leaving. Combined with all the people leaving even if coming back and no longer being able to see anybody, I started panicking, calling out for her to come back. Five seconds later, the grass people pulled me out of the drop and told me they’d still be there. I calmed down somewhat.

I’m not what I remember after that and I never learned what happened to the ruins, my dream ended before she came back.


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