I got:

Dragon Age: Last Flight



And Elantris:

ElantrisAs it turns out, I severely underestimated the nearby Waterstone’s just because it was nearby. Walked in and I was pretty amazed by all the shelves I looked through. I even had to restrain myself from buying the Bioshock book and several others…I got started on Dragon Age: Last Flight pretty quickly but had to stop when I realise it contained spoilers for the second Dragon Age game (I’ve only finished the first.)

So instead, I started on Elantris. I’m yet to finish, I’m in the late 300s as far as pages, I’ve really enjoyed it, I’d even say it got me back into books; it switches between three characters, cycling each chapter. Two characters have more political-based chapters while the other has a more adventurous feel to it. Though, of course, I got a little suspicious near the second part of the book as to the fact that things were going a bit too well. I won’t spoil whether I was justified in that suspicion or not, however. I wonder how popular this book is?


I got me two new books!


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