A Convention

Header image by 御門桜 under Creative Commons 3.0.

Last night I had a dream more on the ordinary side. It was a convention dream, a recurring type of dream I’ve been having a lot recent. I’ve had panic dreams where I go to a convention without any money or ways to get home, dreams where I’ve arrived late, or even good ones packed solid and where the people I wanted to see were there.

I was with friends, a few I don’t think were people in real life. We decided to go to a convention in Japan on the basis that it was a convention taking place on that day, essentially just “why not”. I worried a lot about the language barrier although my fears seemed to be alleviated; the convention had an opening presentation with vital information in several languages. I also worried about the fact that everything would be sold in yen and I’d have to exchange my money, but there was a presentation slide with a link for exchanging money. I asked one of my friends (the one I was sure didn’t exist in real life; I would talk to him the most by far in that dream) if I could use his smartphone to access the link, and he obliged. I looked around the site but didn’t actually exchange any money.

As a group we all walked slowly around the small convention hall. It was barely a hall, perhaps “large room” would have been better. I could see the trees outside the windows on the wall opposite the doors. The crowding wasn’t too heavy and it was manoeuvrable, so we all had a good time. We spent more time talking than looking at stalls and I got more and more anxious about buying something until the thought left my mind entirely. I didn’t notice exactly when it happened but we ended up walking outside of the convention. Though there were no stalls outside of the room/hall it seemed like the convention was following us anyway.

It was such a nice day outside. Late morning, mid-afternoon, spring sun and no sharp breeze some deceptive bright winter mornings have, but instead a warm, lazy current of wind. I could feel the sun’s warmth. We walked further away from the building and through a straight path towards the distant city, the buildings looking small on the horizon. I don’t remember how, but we spent the second half in carts similar to those small trains you see at some fetes. That too moved at a slow pace fitting of the afternoon, chatting away. The vast blue sky to our left became especially noticeable here seeing as except for the widely spaced trees and the road, there was nothing between us and the sky but flat grass. There were rows of small houses on our right. They didn’t seem tiny, though. Cosy would have been better.

When we got to the city, we took an underground train to somewhere that seemed to have something happening. It felt to me like it was going to be something similar to the convention. The ceiling was really low but I opted to lean back against the tube wall anyway as there was a crane fly on the last available seat. My group ended up talking with some of the locals there. I remember asking something with a painfully obvious answer and we all laughed about it. We got off the train and were back at the convention.

After some wandering we stood at the exit area to the convention. There were pink cherry blossom trees enclosing the area neatly; the afternoon grew old as the sun’s light shone more orange than yellow now. The area was busy with people standing, having their last conversations before leaving, whenever that might be. I stood with my friends and some of the locals that had decided to come with us in a circle, generally having one last chat with them and each other before heading home exhausted. I lightheartedly noted that despite going to a convention I didn’t spend anything. The friend I’d spent the most time talking to said something to the effect of “Didn’t you pay for anything when you were on my phone?” and I said I didn’t. There was more idle chatter there and perhaps a slow walk back, but I don’t remember much beyond that. At least I had a fitting end to the dream.


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