Storm Clouds

Header image by Shawn under Creative Commons 2.0.

Last night I dreamt I flew in a hot air balloon that was bigger than any other and flew higher than any other. There was me and two other people; we weren’t all crowded in a small box-shaped space, but instead an entire decent-sized room. There was a lamp in the far corner that was on and providing a nice evening ambience, although I didn’t think about that. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room and beanbags all around the sides; We were relaxing on these beanbags, spending the hours playing videogames and talking. We were flying at the highest possible altitude. I don’t know how I knew this, but I just did.

We flew through storm clouds for a few hours even if I only remember a few minutes. I looked through a door frame that would have led to another room had this been part of a house and looked around, predictably only seeing storm clouds. They all looked so far away but I knew we’d already entered their domain. I made a phone call to somebody to tell them where I was out of sheer excitement. It got through and I remember being surprised that I’d gotten reception here. (I did attempt to make such a call in the first place, which usually would have resulted in me not getting through, but I’m not sure why it did.) We weren’t particularly bothered by the storm clouds or even a possible storm, though, opting instead to continue like we were in any other room.

What happened next is fuzzy in my memory. I remembered in the dream, though. I know this because I then proceeded to write the entire dreamlog of the dream up to then in this very blog. I gave it a header image. I did some quick research on clouds and air at certain altitudes and even thought about what I’d do for a blog header image.

It felt so real. I even remember seeing my email, my reader and my notifications afterwards. I really wish I could have remembered what happened. Things did happen afterwards though, but that’s also a blur in my mind. There was a large building, a rusted train carriage in front of it, and I reunited someone who had lost her memory with her lover. I even went back to my dreamlog entry and edited it.

But I’ll never know what really happened; the true dreamlog is lost now.


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