Audio – Rush Hour

庄司英徳 – One Ahead System

This one’s from the F-Zero GX soundtrack. Cosmo Terminal, or the one with NO WALLS FOR NEARLY ALL OF THE TRACK. It took me ages to master not falling off on that one.

I have to admit though, my sleeping’s been getting worse. I’ve been going to bed later and later although I have managed to wake up earlier and earlier with little to no fatigue. Although I haven’t had any dreams for at least a week now…This one’s a dream I had quite a while ago. I don’t remember when though. I think I remember trading a Mewtwo figurine? Or did she give me the figurine…? I’m not 100% sure, and can never be when it comes to dreams. I’m not sure if dreams are really meant to be remembered like this, or remembered at all.


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