Audio – Journal

CROW’SCLAW – Wish Upon A Star

One of last year’s summer songs for me, of course.

It’s pretty obvious that endings are not my strong point. Honestly though, I don’t actually like writing endings solely because it means I have to stop writing, whether it’s because I’m running out of time, or because I’ve spent too long writing, or simply because I want to keep writing. (This time it was because I’d spent too much time writing, so when that happens I have to find a way to end it quickly. It’s not really about the ending for me though, it’s more what happens before that I like.) That and I’ve gained very little experience on endings in the last few years, seeing as my main focus is on things that are suddenly cut short. And most other things I write are fragments. I think I need to find a way to make the characters more varied though, more difference in typing/speaking styles and so on.

I read books and I see posts in my reader and I see people writing the proper way. I probably don’t do things the proper way, but if my way it’s fun, that’s what I’m going for. (I probably won’t be a full-on serious writer, but I’d at least like to one day have the writing ability of one or an ability somewhere near one. Going to take some time. Ha.)

So I’ll say this: I don’t care if that was good or bad, I don’t care if any of it was clichéd, that was FUN to write. So much fun, and I’d really love to write something similar to that. Now I kind of wish I had some people to run a blog with. It wouldn’t be this one of course, but still. This one was really just me getting my summer on, if that makes any sense. Really nice weather recently.


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