Story A Day, Day 5 – Journal

Header image by Volunka under Creative Commons 3.0.

Lin’s photo by Serge Melki under Creative Commons 2.0.

The rest are mine. Ha.

Elise slouched slightly against her bed’s headrest and continued to idly read the blog posts while still scrolling upwards slowly, her tablet glowing blue as the only source of light in the room on this humid summer evening. Both windows were open and a fan on a table in the corner of the room was facing Elise, whirring in the background and providing what she felt was nice white noise.

She continued reading the old posts, some of which she had made, from the blog she herself owned along with three other internet friends living across the globe. They’d started the blog on a whim years ago when one of them proposed the idea. From then on, each summer they’d posted updates of their summer holidays: what happened, events they attended, random thoughts and the occasional video. They’d made it for the four of them though it did have its followers. Sometimes she’d stop and giggle quietly at posts she still found humour in a year on.

“i just looked out my window and i saw someone with a bad hedgehog costume painted blue running down the street while the gotta go fast music or whatever played. what


On the other side of the same continent one of the blog’s other admins took out their phone every so often, the rest of the time spent reading on the balcony of a beach hotel under the darkening sky. After an hour and a half of this routine he took out his phone as if he was going to check it again, and took a photo of the beach below.


Living the HIGH LIFE. Wait, no. I’m just on holiday.


Lin, as he was known, travelled often with his parents; though this gave him plenty to post about, the travelling meant he also posted less, putting his post frequency at around average. His near storylike descriptions of his travels along with his pictures often drew lighthearted mock ire from the other three and he knew this.

Omg where is this it looks so pretty :(((


i don’t believe it myself, i bet you own that


Lin couldn’t help but chuckle to himself on reading this. With that, he picked up his book and his phone and started getting ready to go to bed, hearing his parents’ conversing on the other side of the room become more noticeable as he walked back in.

Although he was asleep not long later, Elise and Mal were still free to post whatever they wanted.

The first post suitably took advantage of this situation.



I only just turned on my lights, it’s so hot ugh :(

I’ve spent all this month on my tablet or playing Mass Effect. well worth it :D


aw man, I gotta get that game, the LPs I’ve seen of it are so good


do it now!



you can blame this on my cat

or maybe I’m just in the dark


Mal sat at his desk on his computer, leaning forward slightly. His cat sat next to the monitor and a webcam face-down on the desk. The cat went about its standard routine for this scenario – looking out at the wall, then at Mal’s hand typing, then at the wall again before going to sleep. Regardless of how awake he seemed through his words on the screen, looking at his cat made him feel like he was supposed to be tired. Reaching for his glass of water and leaning back in his chair, he wrote his account of his day:

today I went for another walk along the nearby trail. it was super cool, the view from the clear bit with no trees blocking my sight is still super cool, double super cool when the sun’s out. went shopping after that, got a game and some cool posters I’ll post tomorrow and a swell lunch from a bakery


Another post appeared shortly after that. Mal was expecting it to be Elise but instead it was Greg;

what’s up all! i woke up early and couldn’t go to sleep and there’s nothing else to do so here i am


go to bed G it’s too early for you! we wouldn’t want another early morning post after last time :’)


Greg definitely remembered last time. He didn’t know how the others reacted but he was nearly in tears of laughter both watching the chaos descend and participating in it, despite the fact that it wasn’t anywhere really early any more where he lived. It was something that had to be seen to believed and it was what Elise was really thinking of when she was scrolling down. He read it again and did genuinely consider going back to bed but instead decided that was too much hassle, opting instead to spend now until sunrise’s bloom on his tablet, sitting on his bed with the lights on.

nah don’t have time for that


He wondered if this was going to be a busy summer and consequently, a busy summer blog. Here they were for another summer, four excitable teenagers running a blog together. He would sometimes feel like it was an outdated cliché taken to the internet but it worked for the four of them.

Lin knew the cycle couldn’t and wouldn’t last forever; he made the best of what time they did have.

In fact, he was correct, and sooner than he’d thought – this would be their last summer. He wasn’t aware of it then, of course, but he’d be the one to disappear without an explanation near the end of summer, leaving it to the other three to call time on the blog as a whole. They’d cross paths on other sites occasionally not knowing who the othér was, but the time spent remained.

So yeah, we figured we can’t go on without L as it was the four of us and it feels weird without him :/


so we’re going to close this blog and hope we find out what happened to L, that’s really just me hoping though


but anyway, thank you to E, L and G for making my summers super great and my hope is that I might see you all again some day, and thanks to anyone reading the blog! peace out



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