Story A Day, Day 6 – Departure

The young witch tread the snow elegantly, a witch’s shawl the colour of darkest night wrapped round them like a blanket to protect the witch from the unending blizzard in the dead of night, even if they’d lived amongst the storm their entire life. The witch knew they’d best the cold. They knew what they’d eventually be, future self returning home many, many years later. They’d still be waiting. Mother and father both knew what was to happen and they were joyful in the knowledge that their child would return home.

The witch cast a spell and the snowflakes along with the snow on the ground within a range of a metre lit up like a lamp casting sunset yellow light. They wished they actually had a lamp with them, simply for the heat that would usually accompany such light. They held their head high and thought of the guidance they’d received. The curving snowflakes meant it was difficult to look up for any period of time, so they lowered it, but still thought of their training.

To understand.

The witch really did know who they were going to become, but to even think of attempting to live the life set out for them they had to understand what to do and why – and that was only the planned events.

To remain cautious.

It didn’t matter if they knew they’d be alive by the end of this, it was what happens on the way that mattered. The world is a big place, some of it not for somebody who was only an apprentice a month ago. The young witch only had basic defensive wards and there could be any number of experienced witches out there.

To practice restraint.

This was one of the most important lessons in this field. Magic was often where carelessness and disarray began but it definitely wasn’t where it ended. A reckless user can be just as dangerous as the most skilled mage.

The young witch remembered almost losing their life to recklessness and this very blizzard.

Her words echoed.

“How do you think magicians get to where they are? They make lots of mistakes.”

They could feel their home getting further and further away. The witch didn’t mind this time around and continued walking through the permanent layer of snow, casting a brilliant light on the snow like a firefly. They’d be back. But for now, it was time for new places. The mortal world waited eagerly.


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