Story A Day, Day 9 – Rebirth

Her name was Bella by birth, and Bellatrix by rebirth.

She’d lived a short life but glided through nonetheless. A lot of people would say it was still a life worth living.

By five, she told her parents she wanted to know the universe. They told her they approved, but thought she’d change her mind, for they thought it was too much for a child to even consider.

By seven, to know the secrets of the earth. Ten, the rivers. Fourteen, matter itself. By the age of eighteen she found herself researching the vast ocean. Her head had been filled with knowledge of the intriguing properties of exotic chemicals and the absolute strangeness of the nature of everything.

Nineteen was when she met him. Bella was researching the ocean still, him the stars. She’d made plenty of waves literally and figuratively on her journey for knowledge, and Meis had noticed. He’d seen bright blue stars before and he’d remember those eyes for a long time. They’d both watched each other from afar, neither wanting to do anything sudden. There was definitely something blossoming.

Unfortunately, it was cut short; Bella suddenly passed away of an unknown illness. To say it was a shock to everybody was only the beginning.

This was the beginning. Bella was reborn as a star high up, as Bellatrix, coloured a beautiful bright blue that suited her. From here, she continued to watch Meis from the night sky. She did everything she could to make him notice her; she made sure to look her best and made herself one of the brightest stars in the night, visible to everybody that studied the stars, and she’d follow him through the sky to watch over him.

What happened to Meis afterwards isn’t universally agreed on. Some say he simply passed away and only Bellatrix herself knows what happened afterwards. Others say he joined Bellatrix in the heavens to be together at last, the both of them watching over us all.


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