Story A Day, Day 12 – The Blades

Header image by Chongkian under Creative Commons 3.0.

The head necromancer sipped at his glass of iced tea, slouching back in his chair and straightening out his legs on the café table, watching the warship-sized Manta airship passing overhead under a cloudless sky. He could feel its movement in his hand, the glass vibrating in conjunction with the overbearing roar of the Manta’s engines.

A short man with windswept chestnut hair and a brown coat slowly walked up to the table, a violin case slung around one shoulder. “Ya ready, Es?” The necromancer finished what was left of his iced tea, took his feet off the table and leaned forward slightly, the mischievous expression on his weathered yet youthful face only thinly hiding the chaos he had planned. “Hey, well, they made me chief necromancer for a reason. There’s only a handful of us anyway, so of course we make good healers.” The man in the coat smirked at the reference to the games Esin played so much of in his spare time. “God knows we got good healers. Kind of a shame we don’t have any new equipment for the elementals, that would have gone well with the new Great Whites. Briefing starts in five, mind.”

Esin stood up, leaning on the table for support. “Well. Might as well get going slowly now. I gotta say though, Clint, what are you doing this time round? You aren’t a hex user and I don’t see any weapons ready. Did you get shifted to command…” He started laughing slightly at what he was thinking, then straightened himself. “…Or is there a tommy gun in there like in those old movies?” He laughed again at the thought of Clint being in one of those gangster movies, talking like they did. Clint had been waiting for an inquiry on his violin case and his trigger fingers nearly instantly took the case of his shoulder. In a flash, the case was open in his arms. Esin looked over curiously.

It was a violin. And three bows with weird handles, and some other stuff that didn’t look useful. “A violin,,,? What, are you going to serenade them or something?” Esin was playing right into Clint’s hands. A good sign. “Ah-! Look at the bows.” Esin looked closer; one of them was an actual bow for playing, and the other two were blades. Pretty impressive. Clint took one out and made a few mock parries and jabs. “Some bits come off the blade ones, so I got more blade to work with. I’m infiltrating this time. Part of a whole fake orchestra. Basically, we walk in as a harmless orchestra on their side, then when the time’s right, we storm the place. Lot more to it.”

Esin was pretty impressed, even as head necromancer. “Huh. Pretty nice.” A bell sounded. “Well, guess I gotta go. I’ll be seeing ya when we make it through. Anything goes wrong, I got your back. See ya round.” Clint raised his hand as a goodbye wave and swiftly made his way across the base green to the building he was due to meet them in.

Their war on beyond was going nicely.


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