Story A Day, Day 14 – Bounding Through Time

Header image by Immanuel Giel.

Evan sat on the waist-height wall cutting through the field, waiting for Robyn to make his final leap through time, barely containing his grin at the fact that he’d won the last race.

Robyn’s form flashed and materialised ten metres away, immediately turning around and dropping his arms to his sides on mock frustration when he realised he’d lost.

Evan jumped off the wall. “You’re late! Score, one-zero to me!”

Robyn pointed to him. “No, tally up all the rest of the scores and you’ll see that I win overall!”

“What is the final score?”

“I…don’t know. Might want to try Switzerland.”

And with that, they both burst into a brief fit of laughter at the in-joke made during their experiences in the 1500s, and coming down from the laughter it was obvious that their current situation weighed heavy on their minds.

Evan sighed to signal the end of his laughter and said it. “Well, this is the end of the line for us. Can’t go any further, even if we wanted to.”

“Worth it though. Remember the time we showed that archaeologist guy the weird thing we just randomly picked up somewhere in the first century?”

“Hahaha, oh yeah, the freakout! We really should have done that more. Just, like, I don’t know, taken a phone and just put it in the middle of a 1900s house and see what they do.”

“Didn’t I do that once, with that German family?”

Evan paused and looked up, trying to remember. “Ah, I don’t remember that. We did prank so many people though. Wish we saved something big for Hitler. So many other time travellers trying to screw with him, come on.”
“Hitler? Naaaaaaaah, that’s a cliché and you can’t beat the legendary Liana twins wind-up.”
“Ha. I heard one of them nearly became ruler of one country. They didn’t though.”

Robyn fell silent and looked to the sky, worrying for the future. Friends since childhood, they’d spent most of their adult lives bounding through time, taking each other up on all sorts of pranks, races and general shenanigans, occasionally intersecting with history here and there in the timeline. But they’d known the toll it would take on their bodies, and they’d know when they had to stop. Now neither of them knew where they are and what year they were in for that matter. He changed the subject, back to the question they’d just been avoiding asking.

“What now?


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