Story A Day, Day 16 – False Positive

“Okay, let’s up the centrifuge to 10,000g. We’re making good progress here.” Dr. Ferris began recording the previous results in the computer, leaving Professor Bayer to begin preparation for the next trial at 10,000g. The results so far were looking promising; there was no major deviation from what was predicted, even taking into account the sometimes vast difference between theoretical and experimental. It seemed so perfect, sometimes Dr Ferris wondered if he’d done something wrong.

In what seemed like an instant to them, Bayer and Ferris observed the vials apprehensively, not sure of what to expect.

It had worked. They had it. They’d done it.

Time seemed to skip forward. Before they knew it, the report was done and ready for publication. Ferris looked at the first page of the report proudly. He’d spent a long, long time writing this.

Anton Ferris awoke in bed, opening one eye to stare at the clock.


No. He had it. He had an answer. He’d obtained the ▒▒▒ of ▒▒▒▒▒. He’d written a report. He remembered the work he’d put into the report. It felt so real. Although that being said, it was wrong, you’d probably have to adjust the ▓▓▓▓▓▓ to 2 times.
No, wait, that didn’t make any sense. What was he thinking about again? Whatever it was, it wasn’t possible at all.
Ferris fell back into slumber, hoping he would remember.


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