The Last Day

Header image by Yerutskow under Creative Commons 3.0.

Last night, I started the dream by waking up in bed with the same headache I’d gone to sleep with. I decided to sleep in a while later even here, and I blacked out until I’d find myself out and about, beginning the celebrations of the last day of the academy/university I seemed to be going to.
There were many different clubs holding their own events, and I went to many of them, not to mention the events that weren’t being held by any club.

First up was the swimming club. We started with some basic things such as standard exercises. Really, it was just our chance to swim without having to go through paperwork to do it. We were starting light. There were plenty of us here, about 40 or so.

Unlike the drama club; I was one of a group of about seven or eight. We were in a small dimly lit room that felt like it was a shop at other times, but it definitely set a mood. We were still on a low key; this activity was a series of acting exercises…well, it was until we were asked to act out falling to the ground in slow motion. When I opened my eyes, we were on the beach of an island. II looked up and I could see trees and a mountain covered in them. Everybody else was there too. We were asked to ‘faint’ again. We did, and we were back. Was the drama club showing us something?

After that, I took a break to explore the place. I walked through corridors I’d been through many times before. I vividly remember the main building though. It was practically a castle and the grass extended about ten metres from the building before stopping. Beyond that was nothing; here I found out we were fairly high up in the sky here. I saw many different groups of people taking end of year photos on the side wall of the entrance to the main building.

By evening it was beginning to heat up, though the events were so numerous by now that none of them had massive crowds being drawn to them. The event I’d been waiting for all day had started; the Skeleton Disco. We dressed up in smart business attire and when we paid, we were given skeleton helmets/masks to wear, two different faces on each side. At a certain point in each song, the music would get intense and we temporarily switched to the other emotion on the skeleton helmet/mask and we’d dedicate ourselves to dancing for the duration of the intense part of the song.

Unfortunately, I was not dressed for the event. I could only watch from the entrance. It wasn’t crowded, the same as the other events, I’d assume, but I really wanted to go. The lights looked really good, and I heard they’d paid special attention to music selection this time too. The entire left wall of the disco on every floor was a window and night had long since fallen outside. I rushed home and frantically searched through my wardrobe to find what I needed. I was relieved to find my silk tie. I found the trousers I was looking for, and the suit hanging up…Then the dream ended.


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