Audio – Rain

I should listen to BTBAM’s Alaska again.

Oops, I forgot all about WordPress and thus Story A Day for two days. Ah well, I’m advised not to attempt to catch up anyway.

It’s been raining nearly all day today. I had to walk all the way to the supermarket because I missed the bus but when I took the bus back I avoided the rain that briefly turned into hailstones. I was lucky. Today could have been so much lazier, but I got up early. I could have done with writing more fantasy fairytale-ish stories, that’s always fun if I have an idea. I could also do with going to sleep to heavy rain tonight but that never happens because the rain always ends long before I sleep anyway, if there’s any rain at all.

I wonder how I wrote anything as long as my first two stories. After that I decided I couldn’t write anything that long every day. So since then, I’ve experimented…well, kind of. I’ve always wanted to play around with poetry, but as I might have said poetry is too vast for me and I know nothing of it anyway. I’d never know where to start.

At least I found a writing style I really like, though.


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