Story A Day, Day 18 – Rain

Header image by Stan Dalone and Miran Rijavec under Creative Commons 2.0.

The rain seemed to fall in waves over the wild Entare Plains, shifting with the wind, swirling, sometimes trying to be snow. It didn’t fall in waves, it simply fell. What was in waves was the Greater Entare Wind Demon, as the unlucky or lucky survivors had named it. The beast was only there during the rain but still mostly invisible. When approached the raindrops would fall on a large imposing shape, the air falling away to reveal its tough dark grey hide, then when it felt it had made an impression the rain would begin melting it away into nothing again.

If you were unlucky enough to make it angry, it would do this much faster, over and over. It really would look like it was melting. You knew that you too would melt in the most horrible way if you made one misstep. What would be a misstep? That was up to the Wind Demon. Maybe it had its off days, and that’s why there’s survivors.

I’m one of them, of course.

Brandon looked at the rain assaulting the window to the right. “Yeah, okay then.” He muttered.

Jensen gave him an annoyed look that obviously went unnoticed. “Oh, I’m just another crazy old man telling his wild stories again. Don’t mind me.”

Brandon slowly and nonchalantly looked back at him. “I appreciate a good story while we’re here and it’s raining outside. Can’t say the odds are too good for you though. I mean, come on. It’s your typical mythical monster story. Man tells story of ‘ooh scary monster’, nobody believes him-”

“And it turns out to be true.”

“Life is not that clichéd. We would know if that thing was prowling about.”

“‘We would know’. Would we really? Just because you don’t know about it, don’t just go ahead and dismiss it.”

Brandon sighed sleepily. “Okay, fine. Sure.”
A brief silence followed before Jensen spoke up.

“I’ll go get another round of drinks. By the time we leave we won’t even care if it’s raining.”

A tired nod. “I could do with another round. I’m about ready to fall asleep here, and I don’t know if I want to stay awake or go to sleep right here.”

Outside, the melted remains of an unearthly being flowed through the land.


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