Audio – Deathlancer

Yesterday’s one was day 19, not day 18. Oops. Oh well, not much of a difference anyway. I missed two days all the same. Or three. Not quite sure.

Huh. Surprisingly hard to get audio for that one. This one isn’t really optimal either but I didn’t want to be searching forever.

I couldn’t come up with much for the idea. I’ve been playing lots of Valkyria Chronicles recently. I only bought it really because it was a highly rated game on sale on Steam, but it’s turned out to be GREAT fun. It’s a turn-based strategy, which is usually a genre I stay away from. I’ve been playing and I just had my first soldiers die. Even worse was that one of them was one of my favourite characters. :( It was sad to see you go, Vyse, but I didn’t want to go through that hellish battle again.

I always have something in my mind when I write things like that. It’s really hard to transfer them to text, though. The only downside to ideas over words, I suppose.


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